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Chemical Hazards2 - Isopropyl Alcohol Flammable Liquid...

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Chemical Hazards Acetic Acid – Corrosive liquid Br2 – Corrosive Poison 2, 4 -DNP – Carcinogen Cyclohexane – Flammable Cyclohexene – Flammable Ethanol – Flammable liquid Ethyl Acetate – Flammable, low toxicity HCL – Corrosive Poison Hexane – Flammable Liquid
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Unformatted text preview: Isopropyl Alcohol Flammable Liquid Iodine Corrosive poison Phosphoric Acid Corrosive Poison Sulfuric Acid Corrosive Poison Tollens Reagent May become explosive if allowed to stand (flush down the sink with lots of H20) Trans-cinnamic acid - Irritant Xylens - Flammable...
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