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Chemical Hazards2

Chemical Hazards2 - Isopropyl Alcohol – Flammable Liquid...

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Chemical Hazards Acetic Acid – Corrosive liquid Allyl & Benzyl Halides – lachrymators Br2 – Corrosive Poison 2, 4 -DNP – Carcinogen Cyclohexane – Flammable Cyclohexene – Flammable Ethanol – Flammable liquid Ethyl Acetate – Flammable, low toxicity HCL – Corrosive Poison Hexane – Flammable Liquid
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Unformatted text preview: Isopropyl Alcohol – Flammable Liquid Iodine – Corrosive poison Phosphoric Acid – Corrosive Poison Sulfuric Acid – Corrosive Poison Tollens Reagent – May become explosive if allowed to stand (flush down the sink with lots of H20) Trans-cinnamic acid - Irritant Xylens - Flammable...
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