Organic Chemistry Lab Midterm

Organic Chemistry Lab Midterm - allylic carbocations Least...

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Organic Chemistry Lab Midterm Solid Organic Waste Drain-inorganic Liquid Trash-Inorganic Solid Organic Liquid Waste Anthracene Glacial acetic acid Cyclohexanol Fluorenone Tollens Reagent Ethyl acetate Fluorene Maleic Anhydride 9,10-dihydroanthracene -9,10 a-B succinic acid 2-methoxynapthalene Trans-cinnamic acid Benzopinacol Benzopinacolone Pinacol Tests for Sn1 Alkyl Halides Sn2 Alkyl Halides Alcohols Alcohols Alkenes Aldehydes Ketone s Enols Reagent AgNO3/ Ethanol NaI / Acetone HCl/ ZnCl2 Lucas CrO3 / H2SO4 Jones Br2 / CH2Cl2 Bromination 2 Ag(NH3)2 Tollens Silver Mirror Test 2,4- DNP (Dinitr opheny lhydraz ine) FeCl3 Ferric Chloride Test + test White ppt of Silver Chloride AgCl ppt from NaCl (false + from NaI) Turbid suspension Orange Jones color oxizides to green of Cr Alkene will make red bromine colorless 2Ag = metallic silver ion Origina l red solutio n yellow/ orange ppt Change from colorless red, blue, purple, green What Reacts 3’ and benzylic,
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Unformatted text preview: allylic carbocations Least sterically hindered 3’ alcohol Benzyl alch Allylic alch 2’ Adds Cl 1’ alcohol aldehyde COOH 2’ alcohol ketone ONLY aldehydes ONLY aldehy des and ketones Stable enols & phenols Aldehydes and ketones w/ alpha-hydrogen can form enols Notes Racemic mixture if stereocenter Inverted answer 1’ halides NR Phenols NR 3’ alcohols NR Bromine is anti addition Carbonyl compounds others than aldehydes NR No other carbon yl groups (ester, amides, COOH = NR) Corrosive Poison Flammable Lachrymator Carcinogen Explosive Irritant Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) Cyclohexane Allyl Halide 2,4- DNP Tollens Reagent Trans-cinnamic Acid Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Cyclohexene Benzyl Halide Chromic Acid (CrH2O4) Ethanol Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) Ethyl acetate Bromine Hexane Iodine Isopropyl Alcohol Acetic Acid Xylene...
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Organic Chemistry Lab Midterm - allylic carbocations Least...

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