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practice quiz#1 - gene 11 What is the evidence that Hox...

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1. List the reasons why diseases uncommon to hunter-gatherer societies arose with the emergence of agricultural societies. 2. Describe the experiment of Mangold and Spemann. What do the results of this experiment conclude? 3. What are 2 things that SNP haplotypes are used for? 4. What is the significance of HOX genes in both mammals and Drosophila? 5. What experimental evidence is used to show that Pax6 in mammals and fruit flies is conserved? 6. Name 2 pieces of evidence suggesting that MMTV may cause breast cancer in women. Is this evidence experimental or correlative?
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7. What are the 3 stages of development? List the role of each 8. What is meant by the statement: Hox genes are conserved in mammals and fruit flies? 9. What are gap genes? 10. What would be seen in an embryo with a mutation in the hunchback
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Unformatted text preview: gene? 11. What is the evidence that Hox genes are found in other animals besides Drosophila? 12. What is the evidence suggesting Hox genes doing something similar in vertebrates as it does in flies? 13. What is the 2 nd function of Hox genes in mammals? Name the cluster that determines each axis. 14. What is the mutation that causes synpolydactyly in humans? What results from each a heterozygous and homozygous mutation? 15. What results in humans who have a stop codon in place of the tryptophan codon in Hoxa13 gene? 16. Name the 4 types of cell signaling, describe how they work, and give an example of each. 17. What are the 3 general principles of cell signaling? 18. What makes the fruit fly a useful model system?...
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practice quiz#1 - gene 11 What is the evidence that Hox...

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