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Reading assignment Ch1 Nation at dawn, ch 8-10 10-12 page paper: based on country for simulation. Independent research is vital. 25% of grade. Paper should not be neutral. Should be presented from the country’s perspective. Articles, journals, speeches from the country. Presented in a innovative manner, e-mail messages, private reports, achieving a sense of empathy. Either writing as a foreign minister, ambassador, or a defense minister. If foreign minister > recent problems, conflicts, possible opportunities for better relations
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Unformatted text preview: with other countries. Defense misister. General deployment, strategies against opponents. Grade depends on how you answer 3 questions, second, good sources, 3 different types of sources from country simulating, current news reports, scholarly work, and third, achieved empathy with the country. Deputy Foreign Minister DFM (Shia) Iran and US Due March 2 nd ....
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