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Greek Plays Oresteia Oedipus Author Aeschylus Sophocles Theme Human justice replaces vengeance Pride and hubris are fatal flaws Characters Agamemnon King, hubris Oedipus King, prideful Clytaemnestra Wife, killed Ag. Jocasta Wife and mother Aigisthus Cousin, cheated Laius Victim and father Cassandra Mistress, premunition Creon O’s brother-in-law Iphigenia daughter, sacrificed
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Unformatted text preview: Orestes Son, killed mother Council of Areopagus Tried Orestes Furies Hunted Orestes Lysistrata Author Aristophanes Theme Downfall of Athenian society because of war Characters Lysistrata Organizer, tired of war Seduces and rejects husband L's neighbor Commissioner Head of security Lampito Spartan woman Myrrhine Kleonike...
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