4-9 Beginnings of Romanticism

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Hector Vega 5/7/2009 What were the events and circumstances that provided the background and climate for the rise of Romanticism? One of the main causes for Romanticism was war. Starting in the late 1700s, countries started to acquire their independence and began revolutions to implement new systems of government. Because of this, killings and massacres became constant at the time. In people’s minds were the ideas of a better place full of peace and began to contemplate life, yearning for a perfect world. This perfect world was able to appear to them through music and literature in Romanticism. Also during this time, the industrial revolution began and it not only did it affect the economy of the countries but also the living conditions of people. Because the jobs were no longer vastly available in rural areas, people moved to big cities to find jobs. Leaving behind the gracious nature of the country, people moved into buildings
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Unformatted text preview: surrounded by concrete rather than grass. This migration to the urban parts of the land created in them a feeling of a lost connection with nature, the nature they worked and lived in for so long. Their arts acquired the themes of nature so that at least in art they could be one with the world again. Finally, I believe that another circumstance that contributed to the start of Romanticism was their idea that they lived in a conflictive world that needed comfort. With all the wars, the leaders’ desire for more power and more land, and death of their loved ones, people thought God was needed more than ever. Because of this the element of religion and the grace of God was also part of the romantic arts. God was necessary and was found when reading a poem or listening to a song....
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