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Quiz 1 - Study guide - Rourke & Boyer Chapter 1...

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Chapter 1 – Thinking and caring about world politics The Importance of World Politics, it affects our: o Our finances o Our living space o Our life o Make a difference The World of tomorrow: Two roads diverge Traditionalist approach : focuses on the continuing sovereign role of the state as the primary actor in the international system. = Realism Liberal approach : Advocated by those who stress the need of significant change, including both a restructuring of power within states and international cooperation and global interests. o Realism : Self-interested promotion of the state and nation. Power is the driving force. Safety and wisdom lie in the national interest though the preservation and, if necessary in the application of the state’s power. o Liberalism : Believe realpolitik (unethical) is dangerous and outmoded. The believe that idealpolitik should be given greater emphasis and that everyone’s “real” interest lies in a more orderly, more humane, more egalitarian world. How to study world politics o Political scientists and world politics o Pol. Sci. must predict political phenomena and to prescribe courses of action. o Logic, traditional observation, and quantitative techniques, o Focusing on power, human social relations, and economics. Chapter 2 – The Evolution of World Politics o Early development o Ancient Greece and Rome o 4 concepts: The territorial state Sovereignty Nationalism Democracy o After the fall of Rome (476 – 1700)
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Quiz 1 - Study guide - Rourke & Boyer Chapter 1...

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