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Unformatted text preview: Physics 31 Spring, 2008 Information about Exam 1 There will be an exam in class (9:20–10:35 a.m.) on Feb. 28, 2008. The exam will be closed book, but you may bring one sheet of notes, size 8 1 2 × 11 inches. (Plan on adding to this one page of notes for subsequent exams; you will also be able to bring one page of notes to the second hour exam and to the final.) The exam itself will include a table of physical constants and integrals you might need. You should bring a calculator. The exam will cover the following sections of the text ( Concepts of Modern Physics by Beiser): • Chapter 1: Know the two formulas that apply to pho- tons: E = hν and p = hc/ν ; know the relativistic energy-momentum relation E = h ( mc 2 ) 2 + ( pc ) 2 i 1 / 2 . • Chapter 2: § 1, 3–7 • Chapter 3: all except § 6 • Chapter 4: all except § 7 • Chapter 5: § 1–5 The emphasis of the exam will be on the material that we have covered in class or that has been on the homework....
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