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Study Questions 11-28 - Study Questions for Katz, The...

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Study Questions for Katz, The Rights of Kids in the Digital Age 1. What reasons does Katz give for justifying his comments that children are oppressed? Because of the moral and physical risks from exposure to internet, children (and teenagers) are controlled and given no social and political power. This makes them be oppressed. 2. What is Locke's political argument? People have some say in the way they are governed. Locke preached that people naturally possess certain rights - life, liberty, and property. 3. What is a social contract? How does it apply to government? Social agreement in which subjects give up certain freedoms and submit to the authority of government in return for just rule, the safeguarding of what is rightfully theirs. The ruler holds power only so long as he uses it justly. 4. What is the key requirement in the social contract? Mutual responsibility from society and government. 5. What are Katz's reasons for claiming that children have a "moral right" to technology, media, and culture? Explain. It's their universal language. It's their means of attaining modern literacy. It may mean the difference between economic well-being and economic hardship. 6. Do you think children can live up to Locke's ideas of a social contract? Why or why not? No. Children, for more mature they seem to be, are children and act like so. They might have knowledge of the world and how society works but they are not at the level of an adult and could not carry out social responsibilities as such. I do agree that they deserve rights and access to technology, but this should not be led by them but given to them. 7.
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Study Questions 11-28 - Study Questions for Katz, The...

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