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Study Questions 9-28 - COMM 12 Study Questions 9/28/06...

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COMM 12 Hector Vega Study Questions 9/28/06 Study Questions for Schwartz & Leyden, The Long Boom: A History of the Future, 1980 - 2020 1. What 2 metatrends are foreseen in the next 40 years? Fundamental technological change and a new ethos of openness 2. What ideas came to prominence after the Cold War? It cleared the way for the creation of a truly global economy, one integrated market. 3. What is the "long boom"? The age we are entering into a relentless economic expansion, a truly global economic boom. 4. What are the "great waves of technology" that may create the authors' view of the future? What wave are we currently experiencing? Personal computers, telecommunications, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and the one we are still expecting is alternative energy. 5. Why would a Mars landing be important on a global scale? It will aloud us to realize we are one human race in one little planet. A sense that we are all equal in the universe will unite us and help us live hormonally in the world. True global unification will be achieved. 6. Who are the millennial generation and what is their foreseen legacy? What do you think? The millennial generation is us; people born in the 80s and 90s. Our legacy will be great advances in science and technology, a new global state of mind in which we care for the poor. We will bring prosperity to the entire world. I think there is much truth in this idea. It’s impossible that our generation, which was born knowing about the network world, will not have new discoveries in science and technology. I also think that our ways of thinking and much more liberal and less conservative than those from our ancestors. We will better the world. 7. Why is the US viewed as central to fulfilling these predictions? The United States has the single largest economy in the world, a market with a big influence on the flow of world trade. It has the biggest research and scientific establishment by far. A combination of a huge economy and scientific elite gives the
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Study Questions 9-28 - COMM 12 Study Questions 9/28/06...

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