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14_307_Service - 1 Definition Customer service is...

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USC Marketing 307 • #14 Customer Service © 2006 Ira S. Kalb. All rights reserved. 1 1. Definition . Customer service is everything related to satisfying the needs of your customers and other important publics. 2. Why is it not a separate building block of marketing? It should be incorporated in the fabric of everything the company does. 2-1. Corporate Image. In the mission component of creating your corporate image, identifying the target audience was a part of the mission. And, of course, creating, maintaining, and enhancing your corporate image involves taking good care of your publics. 2-2. Positioning. Identifying the unfilled needs of the target audience is the “Lock” component of positioning. Filling those needs with a product image is the “Key” component of positioning. 2-3. Product. In the Product session we defined it as the peripheral component of the product (to make it more tangible + real). 2-4. Price. What buyers are willing to pay is an essential component of Pricing strategies. 2-5. Distribution. Convenience and added value to the next level down is the essence of distribution. 2-6. Promotion. Communicating the benefits of the complete product to prompt a buying action is the essence of promotion. 2-7. Marketing Information System. The marketing information system monitors, analyzes, reports and takes action to improve performance and give the target audience what they need and want. Remember the ultimate  goal of marketing is  customer satisfaction  because marketers know  that if you satisfy your  customers, you will end up  making more money.
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