3-31-09 - Andy Lau: I decided to be the good person, Ill go...

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Andy Lau: I decided to be the good person, I’ll go meet Yan Andy Lau: I have no choice before, I now wanna be the good person Tony Leung: Sorry, I’m a cop Inspector B shows up and shoots Tony Leung to Andy Lau: you have to look after me Andy Lau: I’m a cop and wears the badge again Later Doctor Lee re-discovers the file of Yan he got buried beside Wong Sir Andy Lau indicates he wanna trade place with Tony Leung Hong Kong 12 years after the handover: were the forecasts accurate? 80% of films go to mainland China but for China you can’t let the bad guys get away Signed between British and Chinese in 1984: Thatcher After the Opium war: Hong Kong Island given to Britain permanently 1898: 99-year lease, 97, up for renewal, PRC not enthusiastic Investors to British: you have to do something, what about my investments? Thatcher negotiated with Deng Xiaoping You got Hong Kong during Qing Dynasty with unequal treaties Deng Xiaoping Thatcher: but Hong Kong island is ours permanently Deng: we’ll simply announce our timetable of taking Hong Kong back without you You can’t really divide the three parts 7/1/1997: HKSAR 1990: mini-constitution of Hong Kong which governs Hong Kong committee made up of Hong Kong and mainland people How do you interpret the basic law? Article 23 Falun Gong banned in China: still quite active in Hong Kong due to one country two systems Tung Chee-hwa (97-05) and Donald Tsang (much more politically astude) Last governor: Chris Patten he tried to promote democratization one of the big issues: Tiananmen square people in Hong Kong became nervous about what would happen after the handover
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3-31-09 - Andy Lau: I decided to be the good person, Ill go...

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