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Infernal affairs: hellness, road of limbo (Buddhist terms) "The non-stop path", a reference to Avici, the lowest level of hell in Buddhism Question: who can you trust especially if communists run Hong Kong? Andy Lau: the cop Tony Leung: the gangster (originally officers) Constant flux Uncertainty after the handover Two versions with different endings Nirvana sutra Eric Tsang: dai lo ”fate in our own hands” undercover as officers “protection” money Yan going nuts? Already acting like a gangster beating people up 3 years and 3 years have you forgotten you’re a cop? Ming called Hon Sum “tung sui” Wong Chau San: they know which channel we’re on Whoever loses the card guessing game dies Yan uses Morse codes Yan: do you think I’m a good guy or bad guy? Ming promoted to internal affairs to investigate the mole in the
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Unformatted text preview: department ironic Yan hiding at the back of the cinema spying on the meeting between Ming and Hon Sum There’s a mole within us Yan: I’ll take care of it Hon Sum: How? I’ll dig him out who he is, ready for actions, of all the brothers I trusted you most Girlfriend of Ming: he’s a good guy but he does bad things, pathetic character Keung didn’t tell on Yan Ming followed SP Wong and used this to dig out the mole in Sum’s gang Ming asked Yan to cooperate, tipped him off through Morse codes Ming sold Hon Sum out and killed him Yan to Ming: you’ve never been a mole, you wouldn’t understand Yan finally knew Ming was the mole Ming deleted Yan’s identity as the undercover wanted by the police...
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