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Outline of paper: introduction brief background of stoicism summary of Epictetus’ passage summary of Dio’s passage parallel between the two and more in-depth analysis transition and brief background of tertiary education and speech composition summary of Apthonius’ passage analysis conclusion Watershed of concerns of philosophers: switching from ta physikas to ta ethikas Stoic view on living a virtuous life, central theme: all of life as a celebratory occasion Definition: god exists and foresees what we need, we should believe in god and that what is provided to us is enough for us, we should adopt a grateful attitude and be able to endure extremities, we should live according to nature in order to lead a virtuous and blissful life Epictetus A person is designed to possess the ability to take a synoptic view of what happens to each person and a sense of gratitude the sense of gratitude is what distinguishes humans from irrational creatures Zeus has provided everything for us and everything is in perfect harmony with one another: the analogy of a craftsmen putting everything together irrational creatures are using everything (sense of impressions) but do not understand this rational creatures have been given the faculty of understanding humans are Zeus’ chosen spectator and also
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paper info - Outline of paper: introduction brief...

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