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1 311 Operations Management Spring 2009 Solution: Homework # 1 – Process Analysis and Capacity Management 1. (20 points) Computer Company X prefers to maintain its own call center operations. This is because Company X has the deepest knowledge about its own products, and so feels it offers its customers the highest quality when it handles tech support calls itself. However, during time periods of overload, Company X employs Outsourcer Y to help handle its calls. A time period of overload is defined as whenever there are 15 or more callers on hold waiting for help. Draw a process flow diagram for the above process. 5 point off for each incorrect shape, 5 point off for any incorrect flows, 5 points for missing “Yes” and/or “No”, maximum 20 points deduction. 15 or more callers waiting? Callers on hold for Company X agent Outsource call to Company Y. No Yes Call arrives. Company X answers call
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2 2. (30 pts., 10 per part) Bank XYZ receives 20 loan requests per hour on average. Each loan request goes through an initial processing stage, after which an “accept or reject” decision is made. Approximately 80% of the loans are accepted, and these require additional processing. Rejected loans require no
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Solution_ Homework1_Process and Capacity - 311 Operations...

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