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Quiz 1 TTh solution

Quiz 1 TTh solution - employees that have left(either...

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311 Operations Management Spring 2009 Name________________________ Section_______________________ Quiz # 1: Process Analysis and Capacity Management 1. Trojans haircuts employs 3 people to wash hair and 8 people to cut hair. Each customer has his hair first washed and then cut. It takes on average 10 minutes to wash a person’s hair and 30 minutes to cut a person’s hair. a. What is the capacity of the hair-washing stage? (60/10)*3 = 18 haircuts per hour b. What is the capacity of the hair-cutting stage? (60/30)*8=16 haircuts per hour c. Identify the bottleneck(s). The hair-cutting stage is the bottleneck. d. What is the capacity of Trojans haircuts? 16 haircuts per hour e. Trojans haircuts has the opportunity to employ an additional hair-washer at a very discounted rate. Should they employ the person? No. It will not increase their capacity. 2. Trojans haircuts must hire 1 hair-washer every year, and 2 hair-cutters every year to replace
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Unformatted text preview: employees that have left (either resigned or been fired). What is the average time an employee (either a hair-washer or a hair-cutter) works for Trojans haircuts? WIP = 8+3 = 11 Th. Rate = 3 per year Th. Time = 11/3 = 3 2/3’s years 3. Trojans haircuts receives 8 hair-cutter applications every year (but only hires 2 hair-cutters every year). On average, 25% of those applications are rejected immediately. The other 75% are evaluated thoroughly before a hiring decision is made. There is on average 1application waiting to be evaluated thoroughly. How long can someone that has applied to be a hair-cutter expect to wait before learning if s/he has been hired? This question was confusing. 2 answers are accepted: WIP = 1 Th. Rate = 8 per year Th. Time = 1/8 years or 1.5 months WIP=1 Th. Rate = 6 per year Th. Time = 1/6 years or 2 monthes...
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