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COMM FINAL (unfinished) - Negroponte Being Digital...

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Negroponte, Being Digital selections What are the differences between "atoms" and "bits"? Explain. Atoms: newspapers, magazines, and books. Bits are digital objects: .mp3, .mov, files etc. Explain what Negroponte means when he writes that hypermedia is "elastic"? Think of hypermedia as a collection of elastic messages that can stretch and shrink in accordance with the reader's actions. Ideas can be opened and analyzed at multiple levels of detail. What are some of the characteristics of the post-information age? In the post-information age, we often have an audience the size of one. Everything is made to order, and information is extremely personalized . You go from a large to a small to a smaller group, ultimately to the individual. By the time you have my address, my marital status, my age, my income, my car brand, my purchases, my drinking habits, and my taxes, you have me--a demographic unit of one. How are technologies going to create a wider range of learning styles? Explain. Personal computers will make our future adult population simultaneously more mathematically able and more visually literate. Ten years from now, teenagers are likely to enjoy a much richer panorama of options because the pursuit of intellectual achievement will not be tilted so much in favor of the bookworm, but instead cater to a wider range of cognitive styles, learning patterns, and expressive behaviors. What is the "dark side" of being digital with respect to employment? Explain. Cases of intellectual-property abuse and invasion of our privacy. We will experience digital vandalism, software piracy, and data thievery. Worst of all, we will witness the loss of many jobs to wholly automated systems. The notion of lifetime employment at one job has already started to disappear. According to Negroponte, what will be some of the effects of decentralization? The decentralizing effect of being digital can be felt no more strongly than in commerce and in the computer industry itself. The so-called management information systems (MIS) czar, who used to reign over a glass-enclosed and air-conditioned mausoleum, is an emperor with no clothes, almost extinct. A great and imaginative supercomputer company started by electrical engineering genius Danny Hillis, disappeared after ten years. In that short space of time it introduced the world to massively parallel computer architectures. Its demise did not occur because of mismanagement or sloppy engineering of their so-called Connection Machine. It vanished because parallelism could be decentralized. In what ways does Negroponte see digitalization as empowering? Explain. My optimism comes from the empowering nature of being digital . The access, the mobility, and the ability to effect change are what will make the future so different from
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the present. Shapiro,
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COMM FINAL (unfinished) - Negroponte Being Digital...

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