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311 Operations Management Spring 2009 Homework 4: Forecasting Due March 26, 2009 1. (20 points; 10 points per part) a. Calculate the value of α for exponential smoothing that is equivalent to a weekly moving average over a period of two years (N=52*2=104) b. What time units would the value of α =.15384615 as an exponential smoothing constant roughly translate into when evaluating a moving average over a year (Hint: Calculate the value of N and decide the how a year would be broken up as a result)? 2. (20 points; 10 points per part) Problem 9, parts a and b on page 507 in the textbook. 3. (40 points; 10 points part a, 20 points part b, 10 points for correct MAD for each forecast is 20 points total for part c) Problem 14, parts a, b, and c, on page 508 in the textbook. 4. (20 points; 10 points per part) You own a company that produces electronic equipment. This equipment has one major component, component A. However, because this piece of equipment is critical to your customers, your company places a redundant
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Homework4_Forecasting_TTh - 311 Operations Management...

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