Music 2nd Midterm

Music 2nd Midterm - Lecture 8 and 9: Realism in Theater...

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Lecture 8 and 9: Realism in Theater Growth of middle class that wanted to be entertained by plays with great emotion Trend towards realism in theater Public supported moral and government reform Socialism: Redistribution of wealth. Taking care of everyone. Works with small societies. Musical theater was lighter entertainment Opera of Giusseppi Verdi ( Rogoletto, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Aida, Othello, and Falstaff ) Supporter of the Italian movement and fighter for unification in his country. Went through crisis. First daughter died, then baby boy died of fever, then wife died. Rogoletto is based on Vitor Hugo’s The King Amuses Himself \ 4 Theaters: Changed structurally – Redesigned for commercial use. Paris Opera Opened in 1875. Had been there since Louis XIV. For lavish and large operas. Came with a school of dancers and could sit 2200 people. Electric lighting in 1881. Drury Lane in London Built to replace the burnt down theater in 1812, it was bigger and better. It could sit3200 people. Added comfort for upper class and had doors separated by classes. Very class conscious. Booth’s Theater of NYC Built in 1868, the theater architecture changed to present realistic plays. Less distractions on the side of stage. Placement of flaps and trap doors for quick changing. The Bayreuth Festival Theater in Germany
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Music 2nd Midterm - Lecture 8 and 9: Realism in Theater...

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