BAA EXAMPLE FINAL - BAA EXAM SAMPLE 1. How many chromosomes...

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BAA EXAM SAMPLE 1. How many chromosomes do humans posses? 2. What is the source of archaeological data? 3. What is Anthropology defined as? 4. What is physical anthropology? 5. Name the 9 subfields of physical anthropology? 6. What is/are the source(s) of new genetic material? 7. What are some of the significant behavioral characteristics of langurs and chimpanzees? 8. How many chromosome pairs to chimpanzees and gorillas have? 9. What is the dental formation of Platyrrhines? 10. Can characteristics be passed along the Y chromosome, if not why? 11. The founder effect is a type of Genetic what? 12. What are the Anthropological sub-disciplines and what are their functions? 13. What are the tools used by chimpanzees, and what purpose do they serve? 14. Describe genetic fitness. 15. What is the founder effect?
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BAA EXAM SAMPLE 16. What is the difference between genetic drift and gene flow? 17. What is evolution? 18. What is required for evolution to occur? 19. What is the term for the fluctuation of genetic information? 20. What are the two stages of evolutionary process? 21. What are the locational differences of Prosimians and Platyrrhines? 22. What is reproductive success, why is it viable, and what part does it play in evolution? 23. Describe Anthropoids, Prosimians, Catarrhynes, and Platyrrhines. 24. How along with Charles Darwin proposed the idea of evolution? 25.
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BAA EXAMPLE FINAL - BAA EXAM SAMPLE 1. How many chromosomes...

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