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ECE 2100 Fall 2008 Introduction to Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineers Homework Assignment #10 Due Friday 11/7/08 9:00 AM (Deposit your homework on the desk at the front of the room at the beginning of class in Kimball B11) Please do not use the homework turn-in boxes in Phillips Hall – the boxes are no longer being checked. This week’s assignment again takes the form of a paper + calculations this time… Write a 1-2 (typed) page paper describing the Magnitude and Phase behavior of your Bandpass filter as designed and constructed for Lab 5. Assume that you are writing to another ECE 2100 student and you are trying to explain how you accomplished your design and how well it performed. You may use real lab data where ever available. Please include one additional page of diagrams including magnitude and phase Bode Plots as well as your filter circuit diagram. I.E. include the additional page as a separate
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Unformatted text preview: I.E. include the additional page as a separate last page – Do NOT embed it within the text. You get two pages of double-spaced TEXT in 12 point font – times new roman preferred plus one page for all diagrams! Again, readability, conciseness, layout, and organization of the paper will count in the grade as will technical knowledge demonstrated. If you think it is appropriate and you have room in your double-spaced document, you may include a brief (paragraph) bio of Hendrik Wade Bode. ****************************************************************** Also, to assure you receive credit for your homework, please carefully PRINT or TYPE your name (as you are officially registered at Cornell and in ECE 2100) at the top right of ALL your homework pages and include your Cornell Net ID printed in simple block-style lettering. You must also staple your pages together for full credit....
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