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Name:________________________________________ Managerial Economics (ARE) 136 University of California, Davis, Winter 2009 Dr. John H. Constantine KEY —Quiz 3 (125 points), Wednesday January 28, 2009 Multiple Choice Questions—(60 points; 10 points each.) 1) Which one of the following statements about social class is not accurate? a) Contemporary societies have less stable or easy to define classes than was once thought. b) Social class is hierarchical—membership in a social class places you above some people and below others. c) Stratification related consumption preferences reflect taste. d) Social class is static—once you've become a member of a social class, you cannot move to another one. 2) To develop strategic plans, top-level corporate managers follow three steps. The first of these steps is to _____. a) recruit and hire the right personnel b) examine historical data c) develop a mission for the total corporation d) allocate resources to the company’s various SBUs e) establish the corporation’s long-term objectives
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ARE136WI09Q3vaKEY - Name Managerial Economics(ARE 136...

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