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Quiz BACTRAN version 1 key

Quiz BACTRAN version 1 key - List the three(3-GFP-bla-araC...

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BIO 325L Quiz Week of October 27, 2008 Name: _____________________________________ TA: _______________________ 1. List the two steps necessary for E. coli cells to take in foreign DNA (2): - Treatment with Calcium Chloride - Heat Shock If cells have this ability to take in foreign DNA they are described as being (1): ____________competent____________________ 2. Our plasmid was engineered with three genes.
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Unformatted text preview: List the three (3):-GFP-bla-araC 3. What must the transformed bacteria have in their environment in order to express GFP (1)? Arabinose Which gene produces a product responsible for regulating the expression of GFP (1)? ara C 4. List the two steps required to fracture the membrane and release the contents of the bacterial cells (3): Lysozyme Freeze-Thaw cycle...
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