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QuizGMOversion11 - Non-GMO test food GMO-positive template...

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BIO 325L Quiz (Version I) Week of November 10, 2008 Name: __________________________________ TA: _________________________ 1. Consider the primers used to test that plant DNA has been successfully extracted from your samples of food. The sequence is used to amplify a gene found in most all plants. What is the gene? Photosystem II chloroplast gene 2. Consider the idea of controls. Which sample are we using to guard against false positive results? Non-GMO control/test food 3. List the three samples prepared for PCR last week:
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Unformatted text preview: Non-GMO test food GMO-positive template Test Food 4. List the two sets of primers used for the PCR reactions last week: Plant Primers – amplifies the PS II Chloroplast Gene GMO Primers – amplifies the CaMV 35S Promoter and the NOS Terminator 5. We discussed 5 steps required to create a genetically engineered crop. What is the first step (this is easy…don’t overanalyze it): Identify a protein/trait that is beneficial to the crop....
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