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lecture 1 reading notes - La Viest, T. Race Ethnicity and...

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La Viest, T. Race Ethnicity and Health Chapter 1: Why should we study race, ethnicity, and health? Black and white Americans early 1900s Latinos and Asian Americans made up a sizable proportion of the U.S. populations. U.S. Census projects that “minorities are expected to constitute a steadily larger minority.” Greatly influences U.S. health statistics. Life expectancy varied greatly amongst racial and ethnic groups. Find ways to improve minority health has taken on heightened urgency. Belief that there are biological differences between racial groups is incorrect! Chapter 7: Beyond Dummy Variables and Sample Selection—What Should Health Services Researchers Know about Race as a Variable? Race differences: morbidity, mortality, health and illness behavior, access and utilization of health services. These persistent research findings and social conventions made is standard practice to publish health and vital statistics stratified by race, to statistically control for race in multivariate analysis, and to exclude individuals from analysis on the basis of their race. Race -social category -changed over time and is variable across societies. - determined fundamentally by political and social forces without regard to biogenetics or scientific rigor. -there is a generally held notion that consensus exists regarding the meaning of race.
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lecture 1 reading notes - La Viest, T. Race Ethnicity and...

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