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Wilhelmi,JohnPaul (23181808) Prof. Naomi Gerstel Soc. 222 Thursday, January 31, 2008 Family What is family? Family was once thought as “social group character by common residence, economic cooperation and reproduction” ( Murdock , 1949, p. 1). Families had two adults, one of each sex and children own or adopted. As generations change what we believe to be socially acceptable, so will that institution we call family. More than ever before there are single parents because divorce has become more acceptable. There is also same sex marriage which is become more widely accepted in the western world. For
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Unformatted text preview: some who have no connection to their biological family, their friends can become family. They help each other out, exchanging favors and providing financial support. As the youth of America becomes more independent they still rely heavily on their family for status. The thought that the man is the breadwinner and the women is the homemaker is being challenged by many feminists as women become more educated. In whole, there can not be a set definition for family that works for all cultures and that keeps up with the rapid social change. Family is based on culture and social acceptance....
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