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base details - In Base Details, Sassoon expresses the...

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In “Base Details”, Sassoon expresses the actions of the majors of World War I as disgraceful and shameful regarding their irresponsible actions of war. He criticizes and ridicules them by describing the contemptuous actions he would effectuate if he was one of them. He highlights the luxurious and comfortable lives of the majors and how they treat the fighting soldiers like animals. He exposes the majors’ cowardice and lack of acknowledge about the implications of being a real soldier. He eventually uses sarcasm and bitterness to show the injustice that the soldiers have to go through. The title itself, “Base Details,” serves as a pun in which the author suggests an alternative meaning to the title. Beginning with its direct meaning of army base information but ultimately implying the dishonorable and morally contemptible assignments perpetrated by the leaders of war. Another connotation of “base” is soldiers since they represent the lowest or less powerful in terms of appreciation and authority. In the eyes of those who oversee them, the pieces utilized on a checkers game personify the soldiers which are thrown into the battlefield but in this case the “base” of the checkers board symbolizes that warzone. The first sentence expresses the mocking and disdainful attitude of Sassoon
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base details - In Base Details, Sassoon expresses the...

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