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ch Journal 1-22 - power to improve my social and economic...

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  Journal   1/22 Personal agency is the word that got stuck in my mind as I read the story of Victoria  Reid. It intrigued me because it applies to all individuals how aim to take control of their  destiny. However, I find agency important because, even though I had never seen it this  way, it is the basis of how I live my life. Just the same way Victoria used her personal  agency or will to improve her social status, I can see that I have done similarly. From  the moment I left Mexico and entered an American school, I tried to use this “agency” or 
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Unformatted text preview: power to improve my social and economic status from that poor “beaner,” as my classmates used to call me, to a UC student with a brighter economic future. I do not mean to talk about my successes or failures, instead, I just want to point out that such characters like Victoria, despite her ultimate social failure and death, have allowed me to see how agency has and will continue to modify my life for the better as long as I take advantage of the economic and social opportunities, such as entering college, that I encounter....
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