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Dancers with a Hop

Dancers with a Hop - The Dancers with a Hop In The Dancers...

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“The Dancers with a Hop” In “The Dancers with a Hop,” James Schevill presents a profound contrast between a human couple that completely differs from a bird couple, resulting in the demonstration of an ironic reversal which reveals that not all humans are able to reach their full potential and eventually reduce themselves to think and act like uncivilized animals. Schevill portrays the human couple as a disrespectful and offensive pair whose shameless actions do not perturb their consciences as they dance. On the hand, the bird couple represents a mutual respect and commitment that enables them to radiate a sense of elegance and wonderment as they migrate together. The first two lines of the first stanza indicate the vulgarity of the dancers whose inappropriate behavior is manifested through their disrespectful celebration. The connotations of “furious” suggest a wilder and more frenetic behavior in times of supposed grief and respect. Schevill informs of the funeral as part of the setting as implied by the connotations of “final wake.” Schevill conveys his repulsion regarding the immoral and shameful manners of the people at the funeral by using degrading slang language in the form of “drained,” “booze,” and “babes” while portraying them as irresponsible and offensive drunken people who consume cheap alcohol, while they dance with their undignified female partners.
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In the second pair of lines of the first stanza, Schevill continues with his mocking description of the unruly dancers who have appalled him as he satirically
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Dancers with a Hop - The Dancers with a Hop In The Dancers...

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