In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin - Essay on Pride and...

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Essay on Pride and Prejudice In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, the author introduces a stereotyped character whose significance in the plot is pivotal. The importance of this character is based on her numerous functions that contribute to the development of the novel as a whole. This character becomes a stereotype that manages to emphasize several key elements of Austin’s novel of manners and morals of the nineteenth century social class in England. In the novel, the functions of this character allow for the redefinition of gentility. They highlight strong qualities of main characters. They are used to indirectly stress flaws of major characters. They also include geographical contrast that reveals the tastes of important characters. Another function of this character is being an ironic tool in the plot. This character ultimately shows that both of the main characters have objectionable members in their families. Lady Catherine de Bourgh is an egotistical and snobbish woman of high social status and immense wealth who becomes a stereotyped character. The stereotype is shown through Austen’s recounting of Lady Catherine’s dictatorial behavior toward others. The author describes Lady Catherine as a stereotypically wealthy and controlling woman of high social class who thinks of herself as being above others. Her judgmental position results from her idea that others are socially
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and economically inferior. It is because of this that she believes she can command anyone around her. One function of Lady Catherine in the novel is her major role in the redefinition of gentility. Her title and traditional view of her affluence and social influence identify her as a “lady,” but she is no lady by Austin’s definition of a lady who possesses intellectual and good breeding. Her authoritative manner is
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In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin - Essay on Pride and...

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