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Journal 1/29 As I was doing today’s reading, I discovered that my perception of the “Quinceañera” is  often shared by other Chicano/as. I had always seen these events as a tradition that  was done because it had been done in previous times by people of my ethnic  background. I will admit that I felt ignorant and ashamed to a certain degree  whenever I thought about what the quinceañera meant to me because I, as a guy,  had never related to such event on a personal level. I cannot say that after reading  the “Quinceañera” I felt more connected toward such festivity because I would be  lying. All I can say is that I no longer feel mortified about not feeling such connection  because I have come to understand that ethnic identity is like that – “confusing, and 
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Unformatted text preview: often imposed,” as suggested by Karen Mary Davalos. Yet, and even a little out of subject, I would like to acknowledge another aspect of the quinceañera that I found interesting which is the how “traditional” such celebrations are considered in relation to the organizers’ economic status. I am witness that money is not determinant of the level of tradition of festivities in general. For example, in Mexico I never thought of my family as less traditional just because my family did not have a very expensive celebration for my sister’s quinceañera when compared to the parties that other rich people in my town had....
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