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Journal 2/3 Today’s readings is one the most relatable materials I have read in this course because  it relates to me both, culturally and educationally. “Lupe’s song” touches both of these  aspects of my personality because, on one hand, my early college life has exposed me  to low doses of social rejection from my peers. For example, during my first quarter I  rushed in order to become part any fraternity I heard of, but I did not receive any  positive responses. Other people who had also been rejected pointed out that such 
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Unformatted text preview: rejection had been on the basis of my race since most fraternities were considered “white”, but I am not sure if that was true. Just like the women-hating song against Chicanas and Mexicanas that is based on a bottled-up racial anger, I cannot avoid worrying about my educational and social future when I think that this type of social and ethnic aggression has also affected me to that point where I am segregated from my other college mates from the same pent-up hatred....
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