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Journal # 4 While doing today’s reading, I started to think about Chicano Movement and I came across an idea regarding my future and my education that raised my attention. The idea was that one of the goals of the movement was for Chicanos/as to educate themselves, such as with a degree of education, and to return to the community where they were raised and to have a positive impact on such people. To be honest, I had never considered going back to the community where I grew up. Most of my childhood memories of my community reminded me of harsh familial
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Unformatted text preview: and economic times to the point where I had almost completely eliminated the thought of its existence. In my future, I saw myself as a computer engineer working for some big company such as SONY and not revisiting my hometown to improve the lives of the people there. Ultimately, I cannot promise anyone that I will return to my community after earning a degree because this is something that I can only promise myself as I am the only one in control of my future and because there is still a long way ahead....
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