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ch journal #4

ch journal #4 - identify myself as one of them In the...

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Journal #8 Something that interested me a lot was the reading we had from the book “Voicing Chicana Feminism”. As I came across the definition of the word “social identity”, I realized that this is a term that I was not associated with because I always taught of myself as being unlabeled and always difficult to fully relate and be defined to just one group. For example I believed I had social identity because I grew up in a Spanish-speaking community and I found it simple to just
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Unformatted text preview: identify myself as one of them. In the Chapter Multiple Group Identities the author points out the different identities of individuals among certain groups, in the same way I started to think about my own identity. I found it hard to describe myself with just one adjective, leading to my conclusion that I, myself, have multiple identities....
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