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Journal # 1 As I read chapter 1 of From Out of the Shadows , I wanted to believe that the title was a metaphor for the exploration of the overlooked history of Mexican women in relation to their immigration, settlement and daily life in America. As I continued reading, I began to relate to the content of the book on a more personal level. The book’s description of the admirable struggle of “Mexicanas,” both in Mexico and in the United States, reminded me of the women in my family. My whole family, except for my dad who had crossed the border when he was in his 20’s, had lived for generations in Michoacán, Mexico where my mother was the moral and financial support of the family, similarly to the important role of immigrant women such as Petra Sanchez. Because the money my dad sent back
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Unformatted text preview: home was not enough, in Mexico, my mom did all kind of labor such as looking for wood, planting and harvesting the few crops we had. Things did not change for my mom once we crossed the border as she continued to work nonstop to have some financial stability. I also noticed the bond my mom shared with the neighboring Spanish-speaking women in our apartment complex in L.A. Women in my community relied on each other for all sorts of things, from taking care of the children of others to advising each other on how to cure the common diseases with homemade medicine. Definitely, when I remember about my mom’s life, I cannot avoid comparing her experiences with those of the women depicted in this book, especially regarding their financial struggle and the mutual assistance among themselves....
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