ch Journals - Journal 2/19 As I was reading about the...

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Journal 2/19 As I was reading about the relationship between Selena and her father, I could not stop thinking about the similar life my oldest sister Sonia had endured under my dad’s rules. Personally, I cannot relate to the “law of the father” as much as my sister because my father always put more emphasis on “protecting” her than on guarding the rest of his male children. Yet, my sister tried to protest and resist my dad’s oppressive and unfair rules but he usually ended up deciding for her. I will admit that it was frustrating, even for me, to see my sister’s agency being repressed on a daily basis. As she turned into a young adult, she started to rebel against my father to the point he began to allow her to make some of her decisions but every single of those decisions needed my dad’s approval. My father did not allow my sister to swear clothes that he considered “provocative”, and when she was out of the house she had to tell him where she was and who she was with. In other words, even when Sonia desperately expressed her agency, she had to deal with my dad’s control. My sister is now an independent adult, but I doubt that she has forgotten my dad’s patriarchal oppression.
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Journal 2/24 Today’s readings reminded me of an inferiority complex that I used to have about my physical appearance. As I read about the girl from “Breaking the Model” who wanted to look like the models on TV, I remembered how I used to be ashamed of my Mexican ethnic features and how I wanted to look more “American”. Unlike the protagonist of the story, I wanted to change my Mexican appearance because it
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ch Journals - Journal 2/19 As I was reading about the...

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