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New Consciousness Chicanas continue to be oppressed by following a dualistic Western way of thinking in which social, cultural, personal norms are constructed. The Western standards that damage Chicana’s identity are the dualisms of subject/object, white/ black, man/woman and gay/straight. These dualistic models repress the expression of Chicana identity. In “La conciencia de la mestiza/Towards a New Consciousness,” Gloria Anzaldua explores the meaning of the new mestiza consciousness as the embracing of a contradictory, challenging, and hybrid way of thinking and a form of self-identification in the Borderlands of the collision of cultures, histories and experiences of different people. Anzaldua’s concept of the mestiza consciousness will allow mestizas to create their own identities while it will also serve as a destruction of identity oppression in the Chicana community through the social revolution that
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Unformatted text preview: results from the non-dualistic conception of the new consciousness. Anzaldua’s statement that “I am cultured because I am participating in the creation of yet another culture”(Anzaldua 103) demonstrates the development of new and different Chicana identities as a result of the mestiza consciousness. I believe the Anzaldua’s new consciousness empowers women, especially Chicanas, to become agents of social change as a result of the “uprooting of dualistic thinking in the individual”(Anzaldua 102). The author argues that such revolution of different thinking and of new personalities can “end rape, violence and war”(Anzaldua 102) which are three of the main oppressors of Chicanas. It is necessary to embrace the opposing identities and cultures of the Borderlands as that is one way of using social evolution to fight oppression against Chicanas....
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