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journal-1 - author also explores the religion of the Inka...

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Reader: Ciezna de Leon               The article explores the social, cultural and political aspects of the Inka city of  Cuzco. The author uses archeological remains of the city to make assumptions about  the way of life of Inka. The author also concludes that the Inka kept track of their  immense wealth through the method of highways. Ciezna de Leon also talks about how  ruler Pachicuti, with his victories, enriched the city even more by having parades of  wealth delivered to his empire. The author emphasizes the wealth of the empire by  describing the immense amount of precious stones that were used to build the city. The 
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Unformatted text preview: author also explores the religion of the Inka of Cuzco by saying that they venerated the sun, that they believed in the devil, and that they practiced sacrifices. The importance for the Inka Empire to use abstraction and standardization in architecture and textiles is that such processes were used to create and encourage a social order by having a set of common practices ruling the lives of the Inka. Question: Did the enormous wealth of Cuzco make the empire less or more historically important that other Inka empires?...
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