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Reader-4 - introduces the problem between Peruvian...

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Reader: Editorial on Cultural Property The last three articles explore the problematic definition of cultural property  and the dilemma regarding the repatriation of the archeological remains of Machu  Picchu that the University of Yale posses since the discovery of the Inca city by Hiram  Bringham. The first article focuses on describing the meaning in cultural property in  relation to the problems its current definitions cause in the world. The second article 
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Unformatted text preview: introduces the problem between Peruvian authorities and Yale University in which the right of possession of more than 350 artifacts is uncertain. The last article is similar to the second one in that it describes the existing problem between the university and Peru but the article is biased by going in favor of the Peruvians. Question: Who should be in possession of the more than 350 artifacts between Yale University and Peru?...
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