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27/02/2009 04:51:00 Phenomenology- present rather than past. Neurosis- neurotic- not happy no matter what. Disorder. illogical behavior - PARAPRAXIS. see somehting irrational, there may be reasons for it. unconciously motivated libido-psychic energy eros- life/sex INSTINCT TH ego steals energy from id. Freud. Ego psych- ego has own energy. libido thanatis- death/regression abreaction- therapy through transference Endopsychic situation -have hope Oral,anal 1.5-3.5,phallic 4-6(superego-moral) oedipus, latency7-11 ,genital (repression, regression,mastery fixation. Repression,denial,displacement, intellectualization,projection,rationalization,reaction formation, sublimation Erikson- psychosocial. How environment reacts. 1. Trust V. Mistrust- o 2. Atanomy v. Shame and Doubt. Too much shame= toxic shame. (women) toilet train. Need parents to be tolereant. It’s a mutual goal with parent and kid.
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Phenomenology - 27/02/2009 04:51:00...

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