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Stats Project 4 - 665 Foreign Affairs 782 Theoretical 197...

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STA 6126 – Homework #4 – Due November 14 Categorical Data Analysis 1. Download the ballot order and party vote data. Test whether there is an association between ballot ordering and votes. That is, does the distribution of votes for Dem, Rep, Lib depend on the ordering on the ballot? 2. The following cross-tabulation gives the frequencies of fan mail to radio stations by topic and region of the country (Sayre (1939), “Progress in Radio Fan-Mail Analysis, The Public Opinion Quarterly , Vol.3, #2, 272-278). Note that there are three variables: Topic (with 5 levels), Region (with 4 levels), and frequency count. Your dataset should have 20 rows (corresponding to combinations of Topic and Region) and 3 columns (one for each variable). Topic \ Region Southeast Midwest Northeast California Business/Gov 320 86 549
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Unformatted text preview: 665 Foreign Affairs 221 80 504 782 Theoretical 197 120 458 821 Agriculture 270 178 320 825 Other 217 109 455 817 a) Conduct the chi-square test to determine whether the distributions of topics differ by region (test at α =0.05). You may use SPSS to obtain the test statistic, but you must write out the elements of the test. b) Give adjusted (standardized) residuals for each cell of the table. Which cells if any, reflect significant departures from independence? 3. Download the Marijuana Use/Party and Dance Participation dataset. a) Compute the number of Concordant and Discordant Pairs by Hand, as well as gamma. b) Use SPSS to give gamma, Kendall’s tau, and test whether there is an association between marijuana use and Party/Dance participation at the α =0.05 significance level....
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