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hw04 - ECE 488 RF Circuits and Systems Spring 2009 HOMEWORK...

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ECE 488: RF Circuits and Systems Spring 2009 HOMEWORK 4: Mixer Frequencies, Class-C Amplifiers, and AC-DC Supplies Reference: Lectures 7-10; Chapters 4–8 , 11 Due: February 18 Problem 1: Do Problem 1 of Hagen’s Chapter 6. Specify the upper and lower frequency limits. [10 points] Problem 2: Do Problem 1 of Hagen’s Chapter 10. Since answers are given, be especially careful to show your work. [20 points] Problem 3: A 10 kW AM transmitter is operating at a 20% modulation level. [18 points] a. What is the peak power being transmitted? b. What is the average power being transmitted? c. If an 80% efficient Class-C final amplifier is used with a class-B driver configured for full 100% modulation of the output, estimate the AC power required to supply the system when operating at only 20% modulation. You may assume the AC to DC converters are 100% efficient. Hints: See Hagen’s Problem 1.b of Chapter 3, Hagen’s section on “High-Level Modulation” on pages 100–102 and Figure 11-5 on page 102.
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