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ECE 488: RF Circuits and Systems Spring 2009 HOMEWORK 6: Quarterwave Transformers, Transmission Lines, Smith Charts Reference: Lectures 13–14; Chapters 8–9 Due: March 4 Problem 1: Do Problem 1 of Chapter 8 in Hagen’s text. [10 points] Problem 2: Do Problem 6 of Chapter 8 in Hagen’s text. [17 points] Problem 3: Match impedances with multiple loads with equal power delivered to each using only coax transmission lines. Use no stubs nor reactive elements, i.e., use quarter wave transformers. This problem has application to transmission lines of all scales: from sub-nano circuits to Megawatt transmission systems. [24 points] a. Two 200-Ω loads are fed with equal lengths of 200-Ω coax transmission lines. How would you connect a 100-Ω coax transmission line to the other two transmission lines. b. Design a match of a 100-Ω load to a 400-Ω transmission line using a section of transmission line of length and characteristic impedance of your choice. c.
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