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ECE 488: RF Circuits and Systems Spring 2009 HOMEWORK 8: Synthesizers, PLLs, and Oscillators Reference: Lectures 4, 18–19; Chapters 3, 13–15 Due: April 1 Problem 1. Do Problem 1 of Chapter 13 in the text which asks you to draw the full schematic of a Colpitts oscillator. This problem is more than a little tricky because of the requirement of a positive DC supply; be careful with the transistor! [20 points] a. First draw appropriate and separate DC and AC circuits. No hints until you at least make an efort on this part! b. “Superimpose” the DC and AC circuits into the full schematic. Be careful with DC paths that are shorted in the original AC circuit, and make sure you provide DC paths around components that block DC. c. Does your circuit (1) tie the collector to ground for both DC and AC, (2) use a battery whose output is positive with respect to ground, and (3) have no problematic DC or AC shorts? Answer yes or no ! d.
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