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Overview This tech note provides more information about issues encountered when trying to get an IP address for the virtual adapter when using the Global VPN Client (GVC). There are a number of reasons why the virtual adapter may fail to retrieve an IP address. This document will discuss some of the more common reasons and provide some procedures to resolve these issues. Invalid Configuration on the Firewall The most common the virtual adapter cannot obtain an IP address is the firewall not being configured properly. If you are using internal DHCP server on the firewall for your GVC clients, ensure the following settings on your firewall are properly configured: Enable the internal DHCP server: 1. In the Management UI, click on Network and open the DHCP Server Settings page. 2. Make sure Enable DHCP Server is checked. Screenshot 1: Enabling the internal DHCP server Configure a DHCP scope in the LAN network, and assign it to the LAN interface: 1. In the Network > DHCP Server Settings page, click on Configure . 2. In the DHCP Server Configuration window, there should be an IP range listed. If so, make sure it is assigned to an interface that is assigned to your LAN (LAN by default in SonicOS Standard, X0 by default in SonicOS Enhanced). 3. If there is no range displayed, or if the range is assigned to an interface in a different zone, click Add . 4.
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62a706d068724d49a35bc9740bf6cc16_GVC_Virtual_IP_Issues -...

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