lecture 1 chapter 6 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Order of the...

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Cotton Gin Articles of Confederation Newburgh Conspiracy James Madison Shays’s Rebellion Constitutional Convention Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan 3/5 Clause Federalists Anti-Federalists Alexander Hamilton Bill of Rights 1. NOTE: Lot s of argument, imp ch for 2 nd test. Looking at evidenc conclude an argument 6. Enforcing the Revolution I. A Revolutionary Society a. Political culture: a revolution, American a a republic rule by government. So take this idea of republican (a gov or nation), in past they know that this idea (republican) has failed so this was an experiment. A sense of religious destiny also, and celebration of freedom but also fear of too much liberty. Afraid that their society will collapse, due to democracy (where people rule) and they don’t want that because most people were poor who remind them of sterdy beggar and fear of collapsing under rule of common people. EX: The order of Cincinnati (vocab) secret organization will have secrets language; people join and everyone think they rule the world. Many famous leader belong to it, George Washington, so a lot of complains why he is in there. Y they need these secret meeting. There was not much equality in classes (poor remains poor). Some American leader try to end the this class difference, encourage equality like Jefferson (by enforcing lowering the amount of property to vote), changing law to make it easier for people to be equal.
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lecture 1 chapter 6 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Order of the...

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