lecture 1, chapter 1 - Chapter 1 HISTORY (1-28-09) 1. The...

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Chapter 1 HISTORY (1-28-09) 1. The New World, 1492–1607 I. First settlement of the Americas a. migration from northeast Asia: Serbians had short hard life. They migrate around for food. Ice age gradually ends Further northern Eskimos move to east(cananda) There were very isolated, didn’t get to expose to many disease which was good for short time survival North American at that time had lots of animal, so there were plenty of food. But they soon started do die.So the Indians stated to switch to agriculture and started staying in one place instead of migrating around Indians spread out from Alaska to tip of South America. b. horticulture and expansion : culture started to trade with each other (ex. Corn. Because it was grown in huge amount) They had transportation, irrigation and giant structure building But problem with growing corn is that if u grow too much at a time then it depict the nitrogen and can’t grown anything much later on NOTE: what is horticulture?? c. civilizations of the ancient Americas In 1492, EU made contact with US. N.America were consist of about 4-5 million Indian, but it wasn’t nearly crowded. The missisipian culture mostly settled around the river valley for using the water By 1540s civilization existed to a small extent Aztecs, were the most violent culture, they were on the eatern civilization NOTE: more about Aztec?? Difference between EU and N. America: Indians didn’t had any motive or desire to explore or conquer EU. Eu also had some religious belief quite different. Believed in transient God and believed that plants and animals are commodities.
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II. Colonizers Colonization: the control of foreign lands EU itsef had its own technology, religious belied and ideology. Their amibiton drove them to explore oceans and world and their technology and ships made it possible for them. Also during their trade exploration they looked for trade outlook. To them America was very diff at first??? a. Europe in the 1400s Life at that time wa miserable mainly die to disease, the plaque( the black death). No scientific innovation( the dark age) The Muslims were vastly superior civilization and were much richer, therefore controlled most area of the world. American’s were angry due to their domination of the trade network and also of their superioty above them. b.
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lecture 1, chapter 1 - Chapter 1 HISTORY (1-28-09) 1. The...

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