lecture 3 , chapter 2 - Chapter:2 02-02-09-mon The English...

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Chapter:2 The English Colonies : The Chesapeake 02-02-09-mon 2. The English Colonies: The Chesapeake I. The Virginia Colony a. reasons for settlement: England desire to compete with other parts of the world. Before that England need to colonize Ireland because colonization is a process. So, as England conquer Ireland, and decide to colonize new world. But English hated Spaniards, and English treated Irish rudely . The English commander, brought great terror to people with their dead people’s head. Shows English were ready to be brutal. ???England were looking for gold i. imperial politics: ??? Mention something about it ii. domestic politics lots of social change. Huge population boom in England. People were moving around, growing economy made them migrant. Price of food and land increased. Moved to Holland before new England, and some N.American Settlement in Virginia was a risk for businessmen who thought of setting colony with small business. Also fear of Englan taking over , so moving west were safe specially for poor people to gain more land for England . Most common people, either were working poor’s or beggars. Land which was open to all, all of a sudden became closed to wealthy elites only. Steady beggar-no job, steal. And theft became a big crime. Steady beggar came to London and feared all poor people will cause a collapse in anarchy. Therefore decide to put these poor people in work in Virginia, in order to find gold or something
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lecture 3 , chapter 2 - Chapter:2 02-02-09-mon The English...

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