lecture 6 , feb 11 ch 4 - Chapter 4 : Empires in North...

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Chapter 4 : Empires in North America Feb 11, 2009 Ouiz: wht the author thing and provide specific example from book. Where he is from and other ppl from. What he was fighting for. Vocabulary Dominion of New England: all the northern colonies turned in a super colony , in 1684 by Andros. Sir Edmund Andros: he replaced puritan political figure either with catholic or Anglicans. He didn’t like the catholic funding with the taxes from the puritans. Britain has the Magna Carta, this is unfair and when Andros hear about this he says to the colonist “ u have no more privilege he as u left England and we can sale u as slave” he gave a threat to the colonist. So this mean guy, Andron made the colonist fear more, normally remember the colonist were already worried and feared. So, Andros got arrested, but the new king and queen William and Marry, didn’t give order to punish him. ?? who punished Andros, is it the colonist? Glorious Revolution: Jonathan Edwards: new England clergy men who said religion should be more emotional, published book on the great awakening. George Whitefield: a British minister, preaches to the poor and get thousands people gather around him listening to his speech. And took cash,( as a commercial aspect, need to make sth out of his effort) . He was the 1 st colonial celebrity and a big hit. So emotional that he changes peoples feeling and idea. Friend with Franklin. (ex. Even franklin was transfix by him)-- what does this mean??? Ben fronkinli, sold copies of Whitfield book and made lot of profit. So Whitefield was a good business for him. White field not popular in south????
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His fare well sermon was in Boston. In 1741, returned to England and new young people lined up, who were not any leader preached sometime???? Seven Years War : 4. Empires in North America I. The Growing English Empire: James the II is king of England openly catholic, not angelical and doesn’t like protestant colonies. So he sees them as cash call, so he raise taxes, all the money they are making to enrich England is by the taxing the colonist and this made the colonist angry and thought they r being treated as livestock (getting all they r worth/ everything out of them) NOTE: were the colonist only protestant or Anglican also???? a.
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lecture 6 , feb 11 ch 4 - Chapter 4 : Empires in North...

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