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Good Business Writing: Clear, Concise, Compelling, Cordial, Correct Nancy Lee Nelson What is business writing? Although the following is not a comprehensive list, business documents include memos e-mail executive summaries business plans reports proposals performance evaluations agendas meeting minutes announcements letters requests (for information, for proposals, for funding, etc) procedures presentations Good business writing and good academic writing are not exactly the same Good business writing shares many of the characteristics you have learned to associate with good academic writing. Like good academic writing, good business writing is clear, concise, compelling, and correct. It follows a logical sequence. In addition, good business writing follows patterns and conventions that academic writing does not. For example, while a writer can usually assume that a reader in an academic setting will read a document thoroughly, one cannot make the same assumption of readers in a business setting. Business readers often skim documents or read selectively looking for answers to specific questions. Because business writers often have a more direct relationship with their readers than do academic writers, the most successful business documents convey a
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Good_Business_Writing - Good Business Writing: Clear,...

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